Storage Problems

Advice on storing items in your garage

Dear Tenant

Thank you for renting a garage from us...

BUT...  A word of advice if you are using your garage for the long term storage of delicate, electrical or domestic items.

If you are using your garage to store a van, car, bike or other heavy duty machinery, made of metal, wood or heavy duty plastic, these problems will probably not arise. However if you are storing delicate, electronic or domestic items, for a long time, there is a danger that their condition could deteriorate if left for extended periods in the garage without protection.  It is important therefore that you take proper precautions to protect them.

What are the problems?

The garage is designed primarily as a shelter for your car, motor-vehicle or other heavy duty equipment, it is not completely protected from the elements.  Unlike your house or apartment the windows and doors are not completely sealed. There are gaps round the door and where the corrugated roofing meets the upper point of the wall. In extreme weather conditions water will run under the door (it is built like that to allow car etc to enter) and also through the gaps where the corrugated roof meets the wall.

The garages by definition have no insulation or heating. This means that, over the course of a year the temperature will be basically the same as outside, varying from -6 or 7 to +35 degrees centigrade.  These changes to exposed items such as books, photos, magazines, treated wood (varnish on tables, chairs, cabinets)  can cause damage such as swelling and smudging of paper items flaking or discolouration of varnish on wood.      

Being uninsulated there are also problems with humidity in the shelter. Ironically this can be made worse if you try to seal holes (and so minimise ventilation) and if the garage has lots of metal items, eg door and roof.  This can be the cause of condensation (water vapour hits cold metal - turns to water and causes drips). This can damage some delicate domestic electrical items.

The floor is exposed concrete and stained from oil, earth etc that come from vehicle wheels.

Security: Although the doors are lockable and secure with enough force or inginuity any property can be opened.

What are the answers? To overcome this we recommend several things that you could do:

Do not store delicate items exposed directly on the floor.  They are prone to dirt, water and being damaged by other items being placed on them.

Install shelving so nothing is resting directly on the floor where it stands an increased chance of getting damaged from humidity, dampness and water.

Wrap perishable and delicate items in plastic and paper and put them in rigid plastic boxes.

Security: never store small items of very high value in the garage (watches, jewelry etc).  You are welcome to place extra locks with hawsers on the door of the garage.

Finally - While we do not stop people from storing domestic items we do not take responsibility for any deterioration in their condition.  Make certain that you protect them well and insure them if necessary.

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