Giving Notice

All tenancy's with us are subject to these terms and conditions:

We hope your tenancy has been good but, as they say, all good things must come to an end. This is the procedure to follow when you want to end your tenancy.

1. In writing (post, email) write to one of the addresses below. Do not forget to specify your name and contact details and the address you are giving notice on.

2. The person who signed the tenancy must give notice. If you have signed on behalf of someone else you have technically sublet and this is against the terms of the tenancy. However if this is the case it is in your interest to ensure that proper notice procedure is followed as you are legally responsible for payment of outstanding rent and damage.

3. We will respond to acknowledge receipt normally within a day or so. If you do not hear within a week contact us to confirm that we have received the notification.

4. Do not forget to allow for the notice period. This is normally three months on a garage / storage property and one month on a residential property. Do not forget if you have given notice mid period you will have to make one more (partial) rent payment.

5. When we respond we will confirm the last day of the tenancy and the procedure.

6. (Garage / storage property only) You send us your key on, or just after, this day by secure means (deliver by hand, in a jiffy bag, "signed for delivery"). We attend the garage and conduct “inventory and dilapidations”. This means we check that there is no damage and it has been cleared completely. You have the right to attend this, but most people dont.

(Residential Property onlyA day for performing inventory and delapidations is agreed. It is advisable that you are present. The inventory is undertaken and any any deductions are agreed. The codes are entered in the DPS website. The DPS will contact you to confirm the repayment is acceptable. They send the repayment to yourselves.

8. (Garage / storage property only) If there is no damage or items left we refund the deposit in full. If there is damage or dumped items we will contact you to discuss deductions from the deposit. Please be aware that if we dont receive the keys within two weeks of the designated end of tenancy we charge to have replacements cut.

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