Garage Contract

Below is an example of our standard garage contract

Please do not deviate from the garage number allocated on the document Terms and Conditions of Quarterly Tenancy of Garage XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Agree to 1. Rent the premises for use as a private garage at a quarterly rental of £XXXX plus VAT where applicable and to pay this regularly in advance on xxxxxxxx to K & M Laing, by Standing Order, whether demanded or not, and neither sub let nor part with possession of the garage.

2. Any rentals outstanding after the due date upon which should have been paid, will be subject to a surcharge which is in addition to the rental, and will be the equivalent to one weeks rent plus VAT if applicable for each week or part thereof with respect to any late payment howsoever caused.

3. Refundable deposit: a deposit of £65 per garage is required, refundable at the expiration of the tenancy subject to the conditions of this agreement having been met, and that the premises have been cleaned maintained and ready for reletting and have only been subjected to normal wear and tear.

4. Use the garage and forecourt and access thereto at my own risk and only authorize or permit others to use the same likewise.

5. Neither park nor permit parking so as to cause obstruction of the forecourt or access thereto not no permit anything which may cause or become a nuisance nor to par nor to park nor permit parking of any unattended vehicle outside of the garage with the exception

6. Not keeping anything inflammable in the garage other than the petrol in the tank of the vehicle nor to dispose of any waste or refuse on the site but to remove the same to a suitable place for disposal.

7. Neither alter the structure not affix anything thereto and keep the doors closed except during vehicle entry and exit also and keep doors locked when not in use.

8. To keep the security gate to the premises (where affixed) closed and padlocked except during vehicle entry and exit.

9. Make good any damage caused or discharge the cost thereof and keep the door lock and “up and over” door gear or hinges oiled and serviceable and the garage clear, and to report any obvious defects before they deteriorate.

10. Permit any authorized persons to enter the garage at any time to inspect and carry out work thereto.

11. One full quarters written notice on either side given to expire on the next quarter day as being sufficient to terminate the tenancy whereupon I will leave the garage clean empty and return the key(s). In the event of the rent remaining unpaid by the end of any period or there being any breach of the foregoing, it shall be lawful at any time for the garage to be entered and repossessed, whereupon this tenancy shall be determined without prejudice to any claim in respect of any breach of the foregoing and anything then remaining in the garage shall be treated as having been abandoned and the cost of any clearance, cleaning and making good shall be recoverable from me. We would suggest that your written notice of termination of tenancy be forwarded to us recorded delivery.

12. Door locks / yale type or padlock: it is a condition of tenancy that the supplied locks of any style are not changed this is an insurance requirement. If you wish to add additional padlocks please apply for written permission . Yale / Mortice type locks cannot be changed under any circumstances.

13. Rental period to commence: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

14. K & M Laing are not liable for any loss or damage to the garage contents howsoever caused.

15. I accept the tenancy of these premises having read and understood the above terms and conditions which I undertake to observe and perform and I acknowledge having received a copy thereof.



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